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6 Ways to Stay More Productive If You’re Always Busy -

6 Ways to Stay More Productive If You’re Always Busy

Being busy doesn’t always mean that you’re using your time wisely. Even though you’re working hard, you may feel more frantic and unfocused when doing your tasks. This causes you to make more mistakes and break your initial drive. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to transform your busyness into something more productive.

When you’re productive, you work smarter. You’re also more focused, so you feel more fulfilled once you finish your tasks and clock out of work. Finding your groove, however, can be challenging. If you need a bit of help, follow these six tips and you’ll start being productive in no time.

Finish Some Errands Online

It’s difficult to stay focused at work if the thought of your unfinished errands is lingering in the back of your mind. Constantly thinking about doing your groceries, paying your bills, and tidying up your home will make you worry and keep you from finishing the tasks at hand. Thankfully, a lot of your errands can be done online.

For example, online shopping in Mauritius has never been easier. Just visit a reputable supermarket website and grab all your essentials with just a few clicks. You can even have your purchase delivered to your home at a certain time, so you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule to pick them up.

You can also pay your bills online. There are mobile apps that allow you to pay your utilities from the comforts of your home. You can also use these apps to set reminders about bills that need to be or have been paid in full. Some banks also let you do the same on their website.

When you’re able to finish some of your errands online, you’ll feel less tense and return to work with peace of mind.

Keep Your Work Station Clean

The state of your work station is a reflection of your character. If it’s messy, it can mean that your mind is always cluttered; and when your mind is filled with too many thoughts, you’ll have difficulty focusing and processing your ideas.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to de-clutter your desk and keep it tidy. It helps to get storage solutions to ensure that your work station stays organised. When your workspace is clean, it gives your mind the energy to concentrate on the more important things.

Break Large Projects into Smaller Assignments

Tackling a large project can be daunting and if you don’t approach it the right way, you can lose precious time and energy. A great way to handle a large task is to break it up into smaller assignments and tackle them one at a time. It’s more manageable to take on simpler tasks than mentally ploughing through one big assignment in one go. You’ll also feel more productive and more motivated to finish the project when you see yourself completing each task.

Avoid Procrastinating

It isn’t ideal to procrastinate, especially while at work because you’ll be wasting your time doing other things than the actual task you’re supposed to do. To help get yourself back on track, it’s good to set goals and give yourself incentives when you reach them. This way, you’ll be able to prioritise your work first and stay motivated because you know you’ll be receiving a small reward afterwards.

Gain Your Focus Back with Anti-Distraction Tools

If you’re still having problems staying focused, consider using anti-distraction tools. There are a lot of apps and web browser extensions designed to prevent you from checking out social media websites, as well as make certain mobile apps inaccessible during your work hours. With these tools barring your access to certain platforms, there won’t be any temptations pulling your focus away from work.

Remember to Rest and Take Care of Yourself

Being and staying productive takes a lot of energy, so you have to take good care of your health. Practicing self-care rejuvenates your mind and body, giving you the energy and confidence to take on any task.

If you sometimes forget to take care of yourself because of your busy schedule, there are several things you can do to remind yourself that you deserve to take a break. You can set alerts on your phone or download a planner app to aid you in your self-care routine. With these simple tools, you can keep track of the things you have to do to stay healthy, happy, and energised. Some of the ideas you can put in your list of self-care activities include the following:

  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Do some light exercises
  • Get some fresh air
  • Get full 8 hours of sleep
  • Take a break from sitting in front of your computer screen all day


Being productive means accomplishing your tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, if you’re always busy, getting that drive to be productive can be difficult. Thankfully, these tips can help jumpstart your work productivity groove, so you can clock out of work feeling fulfilled.

Written by Carla San Gaspar

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