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Why Greeting Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age -

Why Greeting Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age

In the so-called digital age, most people communicate through electronic means such as social media, email, texts, phone calls, and video conferencing. Traditional ways of sending messages such as letters and cards, on the other hand, are not as utilised anymore. After all, modern methods are faster and more direct.

Nevertheless, greeting cards still have their place in today’s fast-paced world. In fact, on some occasions, they might actually be the best way to send a message and express your feelings. Why? Here are a few reasons:

Greeting Cards Have Greater Emotional Impact

When you receive a greeting card these days, it’s an extra special event simply because it’s not “normal” by modern standards. It takes effort. The sender needs to pick out a card, write their message by hand, and then have the envelope sent to you through the post. Thus, a simple card can make you feel cared for—that the sender thought you are worth going through the motions.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that electronic messages aren’t sincere or heartfelt. It’s only that a greeting card has a unique personal touch that can’t be replicated or felt through a screen.

Greeting Cards Have Form Factor

Speaking of feeling things, another thing that digitally sent messages and cards don’t have is the form factor. Sure, you can hold your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but their contents remain solely on the screen. You can also print an e-card but then the effort is already coming from your end.

With a greeting card, there’s a tactile experience right off the bat. From the moment you receive the envelope, you can already hold and feel the sentiment coming from the sender. In addition, because it’s a physical object, a greeting card can be turned into a lasting memento.

Greeting Cards Can Strengthen Connections

As previously mentioned, greeting cards are objects that you can touch. What’s more, unlike a text message or email that can be difficult or impossible to recover once it’s deleted, a greeting card can last forever. Thus be easily associated with a positive memory.

Think about the stories of love letters and pictures found in old houses that have stood the test of time. Aren’t they heartwarming and incredible? It’s as if all those feelings are still present, even if the senders and recipients are long gone.

Indeed, compared to a message on a screen, a greeting card can help you create stronger emotional connections with the sender. The same goes for you as well, when you send a letter or greeting card to a friend or loved one. You can send them physical proof of your reassurance, that you’re thinking about them and that you care.

Greeting Cards Are an Avenue for Creativity

If you’re the creative sort, then greeting cards are a perfect avenue to express your creativity. You can write messages using calligraphy techniques or cut out your own designs to create interactive or 3D effects.

Even if you aren’t too artistic, store-bought cards can still be personalised with things like colourful pens, beads, or even pressed flowers. The possibilities are endless and it can certainly make your message more significant for the recipient.

Greeting Cards Can Help Boost Self-Esteem

When someone is feeling lonely or uninspired, how do you lift their spirits? Listening to them is one way. Giving them words of encouragement is another—and greeting cards are perfect for this purpose. What’s even better is that a greeting card will allow that person to read your positive words again and again. This can be good for their morale and self-esteem.

With a well-chosen card full of positive messages, you can make someone feel appreciated and less alone.

Greeting Cards Are Memorable

The nature of social media is that it’s fleeting. There are too many things going on, resulting in a lot of distractions. Even a personal message can disappear under hundreds of others.

A greeting card, however, is designed to last. It’s something memorable that you can easily link with an occasion, a person, or both. When you bring out the card again, it will serve as a reminder of all the positive things related to it.


Some people find it difficult to express their thoughts and emotions verbally. In this case, the written word is the best option to get your message across. You can pour your heart out into a card and let your friends or loved ones know how you truly feel.

You don’t even need to wait for an occasion to send a greeting card. Any reason is a good reason to let someone know that they’re in your thoughts. In fact, it might even be a more pleasant surprise to receive a greeting card out of the blue!

The bottomline here is that there’s a time and place for every mode of communication. If you need something more urgent, you can turn to digital messages. If you need something a little more heartfelt, personal, and earnest, then letters and greeting cards are the way to go.

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