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Few things are as welcome or as sublime as fresh bread, cakes, and pastries. Mauritius, thanks to its French heritage, is luckier than most countries in this regard. We understand what good bread is, and we go out of our way to find it. 

The best way to get bread is to buy it directly from the baker. However, our busy lifestyles often prevent us from linning up at the neighbourhood bakery to pick up fresh bread and pastries every morning. We, at, are happy to take care of that for you! Choose from our wide selection of fresh bread, cakes, viennoiseries and have them delivered directly to your home.

Scott & Co Ltd Pantry Bjorg  Full Grain Bread 3 Cereals 500g
Scott & CO - Bjorg Pantry Bjorg Bio, Full Grain Rye Bread (Seigle), 500g
Ozimate Bakery Delisun, Chia & Flax seeds, 360g
Ozimate Bakery Delisun, Plain Flour Wraps, 360g
Ozimate Bakery Delisun, Wholewheat Wraps, 360g
Chemtech Ltd Bakery Happy Birthday Cake 'Genoise Chocolat' Fruit Decor
Chemtech Ltd Bakery Happy Birthday Cake Dackquois Chocolat Pistache
Chemtech Ltd Bakery Happy Birthday Cake Moelleux Au Chocolat
Chemtech Ltd Bakery Happy Birthday Terrine 3 Chocolat 8-10 Persons Serving

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