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There’s no question that preparing a meal from scratch gives the dish a personalized flair, but not everyone has the time or energy to follow a recipe to a tee. With so many people busy with work and other errands, sometimes it’s best to heat up and enjoy a ready-to-cook meal. As such, many Mauritians love to stock up on their beef meal favourites like burgers and pizza. The only problem is that a lot of people consume these meals quite often, so the need to restock on beef meals becomes a regular task.

Fortunately, TheShop.Mu is ready to help you out. Our online grocery store provides consumers with a quick and easy way to do their groceries, saving you time and energy as a result. We also carry an array of beef meals, all of which are manufactured from reliable brands. Whether you’re looking for juicy beef burgers, beef pizza, or beef lasagna, you can rest assured that your store has them all. Additionally, we’ll be more than happy to deliver your orders, so you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is in safe hands.

Ibl Ltd Frozen Dewfresh, 10 Beef Burgers, 500g
Brandactiv Frozen Dewfresh, 10 Chicken Burgers, 500g
Ibl Ltd Frozen Dewfresh, 4 Beef Burgers, 200g
Foodworks Ltd Frozen Foodworks, Bologna Beef Pizza, 380g
Foodworks Ltd Frozen Foodworks, Pepper Steak Pies, 2 pieces
Brandactiv - I&J Frozen I&J, Beefers Classic 500g

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