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Celebrate the weekend or the fact that your favourite sports team has won the season by cracking open a cold one. Beer, whether it comes in a can or bottle, is a beverage that’s loved by many as it turns certain events into a more engaging and fun affair. Best consumed occasionally, this alcoholic and naturally carbonated drink also pairs well with a number of fares and snacks, allowing for a flavourful experience with every sip. Grab yourself a bottle, can, or a pack of beer today with the help TheShop.Mu.

As the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, TheShop.Mu is proud to provide our consumers with a more convenient way to do their groceries. If you want to purchase a pack of beer, for example, simply visit our website and choose from our selection of high-quality brews. We sell beer by the can, bottle, or pack, allowing you to stock up on your favourite brand to last you the night or entire weekend. What’s more, we carry many types of beer, from your full-bodied black lager to your light ciders. Once you’ve made a purchase, we’ll gladly deliver your orders for you. TheShop.Mu also caters to residential and business addresses, so we have experience handling single or bulk orders.

Chemtech - Bitburger Beverages Bitburger, Premium Pils 4.8%, 0.5L
Bitburger, Premium Pils Can 4.8%, 0.33L

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