Radeberger, Premium Pils 4.8%, 0.33L Pack of 6

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When you’ve brewed an iconic German Pilsner as long as we have, you have plenty of time to get it right. However, the true test of greatness is maintaining impeccable standards through all the twists and turns of time – both good and bad alike. Despite the ups and downs of the world around us over the past 140 years, we’ve never once compromised our technique or ingredients.

We remain committed to the ideal of quality over quantity, which means we brew every drop of Radeberger Pilsner in our hometown, as we’ve always done, to ensure absolute consistency and quality around the world.Wherever you enjoy the distinctive flavor of Radeberger Pilsners, it will taste as crisp and as fresh as it does straight from the tap in our brewery. Now there’s a promise few others can make.

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