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Having a sip of your favourite drink—whether that’s water, soda, fruit juice, coffee, or tea—is quite refreshing indeed, especially after a tiring day. With the help of, you can be sure that you’ll always have access to the drinks you love. We are the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, and you can count on us to have an extensive inventory of drinks to choose from. You can easily add these products to your online cart and make a purchase using our simple checkout process.

The drinks and beverages in our catalog are from trusted brands in Mauritius, so you can count on top-notch quality and safety. For juices, we have a variety of flavours that will suit the Mauritian palate well. We also have coconut water for those who prefer this healthy, refreshing drink. When it comes to soda, we have variants in cans and bottles both in singles and in multi-packs. The latter is great for when you’re having guests over or when you’re hosting parties. For coffee and tea, carries canned coffee, instant coffee, ground coffee, tea bags, and tea infusions. You can also find hot chocolate, if you prefer a warm, sweet drink with no caffeine. As always, you can count on to offer a variety of coffee and tea flavours.

Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Apple 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Litchi 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Mango 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Orange 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Peach 1L

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