Biscuits, Chocolates & Sweets

Lu Barquette Fraise 120g
Lu l'Ourson Chocolate 150g - shop_bungsy
Lindt Swiss Classic, Dark chocolate, 100g
Lu Barquette Choco 120g
Oreo Cookies 176g - shop_bungsy
Rs 42.00 MUR

Oreo Cookies 176g

Romany Creams Chocolate Fudge, BAKERS, 200g
Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits 35g
Oreo Vanilla Creme 154g
Lu Barquette Abricot 120g
Lu Prince Choco 300g - shop_bungsy
Romany Creams Cappuccino , BAKERS, 200g
Lindt Swiss Classic, Milk chocolate, 100g
Nestle Kit Kat 4 Fingers - shop_bungsy
Nutella B- Ready Chocolate box of 6 Bars of 19g
Bakers, Classic Tennis Biscuits, 200g
Oreo Cookies Mini 115g - shop_bungsy
Lu Galette Saint Sauveur 130g - shop_bungsy
Kinder Chocolate, 16 pieces - shop_bungsy
McVitie's Digestive original biscuits, 400g
Cote Dor Noir  200g - shop_bungsy
Bakers, Red Label, Lemon Cream Biscuits, 200g
Lu Barquette Framboise 120g
Cream Crackers Biscuits , BAKERS, 200g
Bakers, Romany Creams, Mint Choc Biscuits, 200g
Crich Salted Crackers 250g - shop_bungsy
Bakers, Boudoir Finger Biscuits, 200g
Kupiec, Rice Cakes coated with Yoghurt, 60g
Lea Nature Natine Tartines 3 Cereales 150g
Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits, 50g
Choice Assorted Biscuits , BAKERS, 200g
Twix chocolate bar, 50g
Bakers, Topper Vanilla Biscuits, 125g
Kinder Bueno, 2 bars - shop_bungsy
Haribo Chamallows Pink & White 70g - shop_bungsy
Kinder Chocolate, 8 Batonnets