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Make breakfast, lunch, or dinner more interesting by pairing your food with a refreshing glass of fruit juice. Boxed and bottled fruit juices introduce an exciting element into your meals, as well as help keep you hydrated in a more flavorful way. These types of beverages are also a quick way to quench your thirst as they’re conveniently packaged. As such, it’s good to have some of these beverages in your pantry or fridge, so you can easily grab one when you want something a bit more sweet or sour to drink. If you need to stock up on boxed and bottled fruit juices, visit TheShop.Mu and add them to your cart.

Whether you’re looking for boxed and bottled fruit juices to include in your child’s lunchbox or to keep your guests hydrated during a party, TheShop.Mu has what you need. Our online grocery supermarket carries a wide range of fruity drinks, from your sweet mango juices to your full-bodied grape drinks. We also have carbonated varieties for those who want a fizzy kick in their beverage. What’s more, each of our items is manufactured from a reliable brand, so you can rest assured that you’re getting beverages that are not only safe to consume, but also offer the best flavour profiles.

Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Apple 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Litchi 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Mango 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Peach 1L

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