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Calculators aren’t just devices used by students to help solve math equations. You can also use calculators to compute for your monthly revenue, check the balance of your weekly budget, as well as solve for the number of items that were sold in your store. The calculator is indeed a handy device that can save you some time from having to compute things manually. If you’re in need of a calculator, visit TheShop.Mu and purchase one today.

As the leading online grocer supermarket in Mauritius, TheShop.Mu is committed to providing you with a convenient way to shop for all your office, school, and household needs. We made sure our website is easy to navigate, so you can quickly and easily purchase products like calculators. We carry many kinds of calculators, from your typical desktop calculator to your scientific variants with slide-on cases. What’s more, TheShop.Mu will gladly deliver your items for you. Our delivery service reaches residential and business addresses across the island, catering to the needs of households, business owners, and more.

Hobby World Stationery Deli, Desktop Calculator 16 Digits Display
Del Office - Deli Stationery Deli, Scientific Calculator Slide-on Case, 12 Dgts
Hobby World - Deli Stationery Deli, Scientific Calculator w/ Case, 252 funtions

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