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Keeping your home or office in pristine condition can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of insects. The mere sight of cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other bugs doesn’t only make one feel uncomfortable, but it can also indicate that the space isn’t 100% clean. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have insect candles and repellents on hand. Stock up on your insect repellent needs today by visiting TheShop.Mu.

When you shop for your office or home essentials in TheShop.Mu, you can expect to have a convenient grocery shopping experience. Our website provides a quick and easy way to search and purchase a variety of products like insect candles and repellents. The insect repellent items we carry include mosquito coils, insect repellent mat machines, and insecticide sprays. Each of the products in this category is also manufactured from a trusted brand, so you can ensure that these items are safe for use. What’s more, TheShop.Mu will gladly deliver your orders to you, no matter where you are on the island. Our delivery service reaches both residential and business addresses in Mauritius.

Pharmacie Nouvelle Ltd Insect Repellents Baygon, Lasting Kill Extra, 300ml
PNL - Baygon Home & Garden Baygon, Multi Insect Killer, Odourless 300ml
Cernol Marketing Home & Garden Cernol, Go Lizard, Repellent Spray, 500ml
Scott & Co Ltd Home & Garden Doom, Multi Insect Killer Odourless 300ml
Scott & CO - Doom Home & Garden Doom, Super Multi Insect Killer 300ml
Fsb Marketing Ltd Home & Garden Good Knight, Champion Mosquito Coils, 10 pieces
FSB - Good Knight Home & Garden Good Knight, Jumbo Mosquito Coils, 10 pieces
Ibl Ltd Insect Repellents Killtox, Insecticide Aerosol 400ML
Grays Inc. Ltd Insect Repellents Mortein, Easy Reach Surface Spray, 300ml
Grays Household Supplies Mortein, Naturgard Complete Citronella, 236ml
PNL Home & Garden Raid, Crawing Insect Killer
PNL - Raid Home & Garden Raid, Multi Insect Killer
Yiptong & Sons - Vlido Home & Garden Vlido, Flying & Crawling Aerosol, 400ML

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