Voltronic, GranTurismo C+ Ceramic Engine Oil, 5L

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VOLTRONIC ® GranTurismo C+ is high performance ultra-light running fully synthetic motor oil developed with VOLTRONIC ® C+ Ceramic Technology. Special motor oil for modern multi-cylinders and multi-valves gasoline and diesel engine with turbocharge or without. Super shear stability at high temperature and under harsh driving condition. Excellent cooling performance prevent pre-ignition.


  • Ultra-light running.
  • Fortified with VOLTRONIC ® C+ Ceramic additive.
  • Super shear stability under high temperature.
  • Excellent wear protection.
  • Excellent cooling performance, prevent pre-ignition.
  • Extended drain interval.
  • Smooth running engine.


  • Exceed all available OEM motor oil specifications.


For modern street legal tuned engine with multi-cylinders and multi-valves gasoline and diesel engines with turbocharge or without. Special motor oil for harsh driving condition.

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