Bjorg Oatmeal Flakes 500g

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Your breakfast ally gets you ready for the whole day!

Breakfast is vital if you want to start the day well and keep your whole family healthy.

With all its different breakfast cereals, BJORG helps you choose a healthy, tasty breakfast every day to suit your routine. Whatever their age, everyone can find cereals which perfectly suit them and their tastes.

BJORG cereals are:
– rich in fibre,
– rich in complex carbohydrates: these satisfy the body’s hunger until lunchtime,
– low in fat.

Did you know?
Choose wholegrain cereals: wholegrain (unrefined) cereals keep their outer covering, or ‘bran’, and their germ. These parts have high fibre contents, vitamins and minerals.

Organic oat flakes 500g

– Rich in fibre
– Rich in phosphorous
– Rich in magnesium


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