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All Fresh Products    |    Fresh Meat & Seafood    |    Paté & Foie Gras is the leading online supermarket in Mauritius not just for fresh produce. It’s also the best place to shop online for cooked meats, too! Our stock includes delicious must-have charcuterie products like pork sausages, salami, pancetta, and ham. Order cold cuts for your next wine and cheese night, or serve them with bread for light and satisfying lunches. Entertain a guest from anywhere in Mauritius when you order charcuterie from and experience our next-day delivery!

Common Dream Fresh Products El Pozo, Jambon Iberique En Tranche, 60 g
Chemtech Fresh Products Citterio, le Classiche Il Prosciutto Crudo, 70g
Chemtech Ltd Charcuterie BUY 1 GET 1 FREE - Citterio, Tfresco Salami Ungherese, 70g Citterio, Tfresco Salame Di Milano, 70g
Common Dream Fresh Products El pozo, Bacon Sabor Original, 8 Slices, 150g
Common Dream Fresh Products El Pozo, Jambon Serrano En Tranche, 60 g
Common Dream Fresh Products El Pozo, Saucisson Extra En Tranche, 80 g

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