Chicken Meals

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A lot of people are too busy to make a dish from scratch, so food items like chicken meals are lifesavers. When you’re hungry, you can quickly open a bag of chicken hotdogs or burgers and fry them in a pan until they’re good to go. Chicken meals are also easier to grab and store as they’re nicely packaged in boxes or plastic bags. What’s more, chicken meals are delicious with every bite, so you won’t be disappointed by their flavours profiles. Since chicken meals are a convenient way to satiate your hunger, it’s a good idea to stock up on them during your grocery runs. However, this can be quite challenging if you don’t have the time to stop by the closest supermarket.

Thankfully, TheShop.Mu will be more than happy to make things easier for you. By visiting our online grocery, you can quickly and easily order your favourite chicken meals from the comforts of your own home. Our store offers a variety of meal options, which include chicken burgers, chicken hotdogs, minced chicken, and chicken mushroom pies. Additionally, we provide delivery services to residential and businesses addresses, allowing you to focus on your work or errands while we do all the legwork.

Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Frozen Cuisto, Chicken Burgers, Pack of 10
Panagora - Cuisto Frozen Cuisto, Chicken Mince, 400g
Innodis - Doux Frozen Doux, Chicken Franks 400g
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Frozen Farmstead, Chicken Franks Hot & Spicy, 340g
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Frozen Farmstead, Chicken Franks, 340g
Panagora - Farmstead Frozen Farmstead, Mini Chicken Franks 340g
Foodworks Ltd Frozen Foodworks, Chicken Curry Pies, 2 pieces Save 20%
Foodworks Ltd Frozen Foodworks, Chicken Curry Pizza, 380g
Foodworks Ltd Frozen Foodworks, Chicken Mushroom Pies, 2 pieces

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