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One of the best ways to beat the heat is to grab yourself a cone or stick of your favourite ice cream. This sweet treat helps you keep cool with every bite while sending you the delectable flavours of chocolate, vanilla, and other sugary notes. Some ice creams even give you an exciting crunchy texture by incorporating a chocolate shell or adding nuts into the mix. What’s more, every cone and stick is made for a single serving, allowing you to properly portion them into your weekly meals.

Since ice cream cones and sticks are incredibly delicious, a lot of people just can’t help but store several of these treats in their freezers. But if your freezer is running low on these sweet treats,  purchase your favourite ice cream at TheShop.Mu. As Mauritius’ leading online grocery supermarket, we make sure that our consumers have access to a variety of ice cream brands. We also have treats that come in wafer cones and popsicle sticks, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to eat your ice cream the way you want. What’s more, we can deliver your orders right at your doorstep. With TheShop.Mu’s help, it’s certain that your purchase will come to you unmelted and in good shape.

Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Cornetto Chocolate, 125ml
Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Magnum Almond, 110ml
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Frozen Miko, Magnum Classic, 100ml
Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Magnum Death by Chocolate, 110ml Save 14%
Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Magnum Double Caramel 88ml Save 8%
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Frozen Miko, Magnum Double Chocolate, 88ml
Panagora Frozen Miko, Magnum Mini Double Chocolate 60ml x 6
Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Magnum White Almond, 110ml Save 14%
Panagora - Miko Frozen Miko, Solero Exotic Vanille 88ml

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