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Contraceptives play a huge role in STI prevention, as well as for people who are looking for effective family planning solutions. As such, items like condoms have become essential for many individuals. However, with a lot of people focusing their time and energy with work or errands, picking up contraceptives in the nearest grocery store can be a hassle. With TheShop.Mu, however, you won’t have any trouble getting anything for your contraception or family planning needs on your next grocery run. Feminine Hygiene

As Mauritius’ leading online grocery supermarket, TheShop.Mu carries a variety of contraceptives to suit the health needs and lifestyle of every type of customer. Our selection includes several kinds of condoms, from ultra-fine to dotted and ribbed. Each of our products is manufactured from a trusted brand, ensuring that your health and safety aren’t compromised. Additionally, we offer delivery services to residential and business addresses. When you shop at TheShop.Mu, you can rest assured that your STI prevention and family planning needs will be met. You can also expect that your grocery runs will be a quick and convenient experience.

Unicorn Beauty & Personal Care Durex, performa, 3 in a pack

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