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Snacks like crisps, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and charcuterie staples are great for casual get-togethers, movie nights, or a quick pick-me-up to get you through the day. Tasty snacks are also one of life’s pleasures and most people don’t need a reason beyond that to stock up on their favourites!

We all have our favourite kinds of snacks, and it’s not a good feeling when the store closest to us runs out. Luckily, delivers all your snacking essentials — including some things you never knew you wanted!

Simply browse through our wide selection of different snack items and choose the ones you need to be delivered to your home or office. We offer Mauritians the best online supermarket experience, with hundreds of different snack varieties and kitchen staples. Create an account today to enjoy unmatched snacking and shopping convenience.

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