Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

Twisties, The Big Cheese, 20g Save 20%
Rs 11.00 MUR
Rs 8.80 MUR

Twisties, The Big Cheese, 20g

Twisties, Yo! Chicken, 20g Save 20%
Rs 11.00 MUR
Rs 8.80 MUR

Twisties, Yo! Chicken, 20g

Doritos, Sweet Chilli Pepper, 45g
Freyma's Snack, Cheese & Onion, 75g
Freyma's Snack, Cheese & Onion, 30g
Freyma's Snack, Paprika, 30g
Pringles Original 165g - shop_bungsy
Pringles Original 40g - shop_bungsy
Pringles Classic paprika 165g - shop_bungsy
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 165g - shop_bungsy
Pringles Sweet Paprika 40g - shop_bungsy
Tai Sun, Honey Roasted Almonds, 130g
Tai Sun, California Pistachios, 40g
Arnott's Shapes Roast Chicken Biscuits 165g
Arnott's Shapes Nacho Cheese Biscuits 175g
Arnott's Shapes Originals Pizza Biscuits 190g
Arnott's Shapes Cheddar Biscuits 175g
Kupiec, Rice Cakes coated with Yoghurt, 60g
Maretti Bruschette Mushrooms & Cream Flavour 50g - shop_bungsy
Maretti Bruschette Sweet Basil Pesto Flavour 150g
Maretti Bruschette Pizza Al Forno Flavour 150g - shop_bungsy
Palitos Breadstick Mediterranean 50g
Palitos Breadstick Black Olives 50g
Palitos Breadstick Chia Seeds 50g
Palitos Breadstick Cheese 50g - shop_bungsy
Camel Pistachios 40g
Camel Roasted Salted Peanuts 40g - shop_bungsy
Camel Nuts Smoked Almonds 40g - shop_bungsy
Camel Roasted Salted Cashewnuts 40g - shop_bungsy