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For many Mauritians, a meal is not complete without a dessert. From napolitaine to poudine mai, these desserts are delightfully sweet. They’re also quite refreshing after eating plenty of rich and savoury dishes. For ready-made desserts to cap off your meals, you can check out’s online catalogue of sweet pantry items.

Using our simple shopping platform, you can purchase everything you need with just a click of a button. Rest assured that we only carry high-quality brands and the freshest products, including your favourite sweet pantry items.

Ip Min Wan Pantry Corniche, Squeeze Lychee, 150g
Tea Blenders - Elle & Vire Pantry Elle & Vire, Creme Dessert Caramel x 4
Tea Blenders - Elle & Vire Pantry Elle & Vire, Creme Dessert Chocolat x 4 Save 11%
Tea Blenders Ltd Pantry Elle & Vire, Creme Dessert Vanille x 4
H.A Ramtoola & Sons Ltd Pantry NESTLÉ®, dessert and cooking cream, 290g can
Neofoods - The Bridge Pantry The Bridge, Bio  Rice Dessert Vanil. 4 x 110g
IPBD - Vitabio Pantry Vitabio, Apple, Mango & Pineapple Fruit Gourds x 4

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