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Cats continue to be one of the most world’s popular pets, despite their reputation for being more aloof and standoffish when compared to other pets. Still, they have an undeniable capacity to be affectionate and can be just as lovable as any animal. But despite being more inherently independent, cats still need to be fed the proper food to ensure that they stay healthy, as well as the right accessories to stay active. 

We at guarantee that all the pet products come only from the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers. This includes our selection of cat-related products. As a result, you can rest assured that your feline friend will be getting only the best. All our products also ship to anywhere in Mauritius. Order now! 

Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Crab, 15gx4
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Seafood, 7kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Sterile, 7kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna , 3kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna, 1.2kg
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna, 7kgs

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