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Making meatballs, burger patties, and marinated meats from scratch always adds a personalized touch to several meals. However, not everyone has the time to sit down and combine ingredients to create their own mix of meats. Fortunately, with ready-to-cook frozen beef products, you can skip the laborious task of prepping the meats and enjoy the scrumptious flavours of steaks, burgers, and meatballs in minutes.

When it’s time to restock your freezer with your favourite frozen meats, why not do your grocery run at TheShop.Mu? We’re your leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, providing you with the best international and local food products that can complete your daily meals. In our frozen beef section, we feature an array of meats, from your mini boulettes de boeuf to you tartare minute de beouf au couteau. Each of our products is manufactured from a reliable and well-known brand, so you know that what you’re getting meets the highest food and safety standards. Additionally, TheShop.Mu will gladly deliver all your orders, whether you’re a home cook preparing your weekly meals or a restaurant owner who needs to stock up on supplies.

Common Dream Frozen Charal, 50 Mini Boulettes De Bœuf, 750 G
Common Dream Frozen Charal, L'Authentique Steack Hache 1 Kg, 125 G x 8
Common Dream Frozen Charal, L'Extra Moelleux 15% M.G, 100 G X 10 (1KG)
Common Dream Frozen Charal, Le Hache De Boeuf 15% M.G, 400 G
Common Dream Frozen Charal, Le Pur Boeuf15%M.G, 100 G X 4 (400G)
Delapeyre LTD Frozen Delapeyre, Frozen Beef Mince, 230-270 g/Bqts
Brandactiv Frozen I&J, Chicken Burgers, 400g
Ibl Ltd Frozen I&J, FGB Burgers, 500g

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