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Red Roses Bouquet (26 roses)
Duracell AAA batteries, 1.5V Alkaline, 4 pack
Duracell AA batteries, 4 pack
Broom Handle, steel, 1.15m, red
Nylon Broom Head, 28cm, various colours
1 Pair Cotton Gloves, red
Dove, Perfume Pillar Candle, Vanilla Fragrance
Sony Stamina Plus, AA Alkaline Batteries, pack of 6
Sony AA Alkaline batteries, pack of 2
Sony AAA Alkaline batteries, pack of 2
Mixed Chrysanthemums Bouquet, medium
Broom Handle, wood, 1.20m
Paint Brush, wooden handle, 3'', Biber
Nylon Broom Head, 25cm, various colours
Fire extinguisher, FireStop, 400ml
Broom Handle, steel, 1.15m, blue
Paint Brush, wooden handle, 2'', Biber
Nylon Broom Head, 35cm
Hand Broom with Telescopic 50cm Handle, purple
Electric Cord with Metal Reel, 25m, red
Expandable garden hose, HY brand, 22.5M
Red Roses Heart Shaped Bouquet (70 roses)
WD40, 200ml,  Multi-Use Lubricant | Anti-rust spray
Gloves, quality leather palms, 26cm
Duracell 9V battery, Alkaline
Plastic Rake with Wooden Handle, green
Broom Handle, steel, 1.15m, green
Pruning Shears, 38cm, red
Linen gloves with rubberised grips, 24cm length
Round Mouse Pad, Blue & White Pattern
Mixed Gerberas Bouquet, large
Dove, Tea Light Candle, Pack of 25
Rs 112.00 MUR