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Not all clothes are made equal. There are those made from sturdy materials such as denim and cotton that can last multiple cycles in the washing machine. Then, there are also clothing items that are made from delicate materials that can only be washed by hand. That’s why it’s best to stock up on detergents ideal for hand-washing, so can do your laundry with no disruptions. If you’re having a shortage of the necessary laundry essentials, you can shop for your favourite detergents and liquids at TheShop.Mu.

Even when you’re busy at work or completing other errands, you can shop for all your laundry essentials with ease at TheShop.Mu. Our online grocery is easy to navigate, and purchasing items such as detergents specially made for handwashing and delicates can be accomplished with just a few clicks. We also carry many different kinds of laundry supplies, all of which are made by trusted manufacturers. Some of the products we feature include fabric conditioners, hand-washing powders, and liquid detergents. TheShop.Mu also offers delivery services to residential and business addresses, so you can rest easy while we do all the legwork.

Freelance Distributors Household Supplies Ariel, Hand Washing Powder, 3kg
Freelance Distributors - Ariel Household Supplies Ariel, Hand Washing Powder, 500g
Soap and Allied - Blue Magic Household Supplies Blue Magic, Hand Washing Powder In Pouch 400g
Cernol Marketing - Cernol Household Supplies Cernol, Spark Hand Washing Powder, 1kg
Croc Nature - Etamine Du Lys Household supplies Etamine Du Lys, Lessive Linge Delicat Ect, 1L
Shibani Trading Household Supplies Follow Me, Panier a Linge Pearl, 45 L
PNL - OMO Household Supplies OMO, Hand washing powder 500g

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