Paper Straws, yellow stripes, 25 pieces
Clothing hangers, set of 10, metal, Lucky
Paper Straws, purple dots, 25 pieces
Ice Cube Tray, silicone, blue
Melitta, Coffee filters, 1x4
Paper Plates, chevron, yellow, 10 pieces
Serving Jar (water, juice, tea), glass, 1L
Ice Cube Tray, silicone, red
Paper Napkins, big dots, green, 20 sheets
Wooden Cooking Utensils, set of 3
Lock and Lock Salad Bowl 850ml
Dove, Perfume Pillar Candle, Rose Fragrance
Paper Napkins, big dots, blue, 20 sheets
Paper Plates, chevron, pink, 10 pieces
Heart Design Small Paper Cup Cake - shop_bungsy
Storage Container with Lid, mint
Paper Napkins, big dots, black, 20 sheets
Storage Container with Lid, green
Storage Container with Lid, blue
Storage Container with Lid, pink
Happy Birthday Letter Balloon, blue
Bamboo Bread Baskets, set of 3
Round Brown Flower Pots, Extra Small, 10 pieces
Dove, Glass Candle, Eucalyptus, 210g
Dove, Glass Candle, Lavender, 125 g
Dove, Glass Candle, Jasmine, 210 g
Laundry Basket, cotton, postcard from Paris
Paper Cups, dots, black, 10 pieces
Paper Cups, chevron, green, 10 pieces
Paper Cups, chevron, pink, 10 pieces
Senn, Storage Basket with Lid, extra large, white
Yoga Mat
Rs 239.30 MUR

Yoga Mat

Round Brown Flower Pots, Small, 10 pieces
Round Brown Flower Pots, Medium, 5 pieces
Round Planter, Brown, Medium
Patterned Planter with Saucer, Brown, Large
Dove, Glass Candle, Eucalyptus, 125g