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Apart from being a staple at the breakfast table, juices are a delightful source of vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants. They’re also the perfect accompaniment to most snacks and are a healthy, flavorful alternative to other beverage options.

Whatever your favourite juice is, we’ve got it at TheShop.mu. TheShop.mu offers the best online supermarket experience in Mauritius, providing a wide, carefully curated selection of quality juices and beverages, and offering unmatched service.

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Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Apple 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Litchi 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Mango 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Orange 1L
Innodis - Ceres Beverages Ceres, Peach 1L

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