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Lentils, beans, and pulses are staple ingredients in many of Mauritius’ famous dishes, making them essential in every pantry. From gateux piments to the different kinds of curries, the humble bean transforms any simple food into a hearty and complete meal. Aside from giving a dish a robust flavour, legumes are also fortified with lots of nutrients and vitamins that help jumpstart your day. However, procuring the right lentil, bean or pulses can be challenging, especially when you’re schedule is jam-packed. Thankfully, TheShop.Mu is here to help. We’re the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, offering quick and reliable delivery services to any point on the island. We also provide our customers with a variety of legume options from the quintessential dholl petit pois to organic chia seeds.

Place your orders at TheShop.Mu today, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to cook your favourite hearty Mauritian dish like dholl puri and achard legumes. We also get our supply from Mauritius’ most trusted brands, so you know that the beans you’re receiving meet the highest food and health standards. Plus, we deliver to households and even business addresses, making it more convenient for home cooks and busy restaurants alike.

Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Dholl Petit Pois 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Gros Pois, 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Haricot Blanc 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Haricot Pale 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Haricot Rouge 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Lentille Noir 500g
Agiliss - Orient Pantry Orient, Lentille Rouge (red lentils), 500g

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