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If you need a writing instrument that produces thicker, and more visible lines, then markers are what you’re looking for. Unlike pencils and pens, markers allow you to write more legibly on harder and thicker surfaces like whiteboards, auto mechanic tools, and plastic containers. As such, they’re must-have writing tools for carpenters, builders, and professors who prefer writing on whiteboards. Markers don’t last forever as they eventually dry out or run out of ink. If you use markers quite often, then you’ll need to replenish your supplies regularly. When you need to purchase a new set of markers, get them at TheShop.Mu.

TheShop.Mu offers Mauritians a quick and easy way to do all their groceries. Not only is our online grocery website easy to use, but it also features a wide range of household, school, and office supplies. Thanks to our large selection of items, you can definitely find a marker that suits your writing or drawing style, as well as your job. We have permanent and erasable markers, as well as highlighters that come in different colours. What’s more, TheShop.Mu also offers delivery to residential and business addresses, so you can easily shop for your household or office essentials without having to physically go down to the nearest supermarket or school supplies store.

Hobby World - Maped Stationery Maped, Fluo Green
Hobby World - Maped Stationery Maped, Fluo Orange

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