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A lot of delicious meals can be created using mayonnaise as one of their major ingredients. You can add it into sandwiches to give them a creamy texture with every bite, or mix it in salads to give them a richer taste. You can also use mayonnaise as a base to make a dipping sauce or spread of your own, giving you more opportunities to create original dishes right in your home kitchen. As such, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of mayonnaise in your pantry or fridge for days that you may need it.

In the event you run out of mayonnaise, visit TheShop.Mu so you can stock up on your pantry essentials with ease today. Our online grocery supermarket carries several brands of mayonnaise, so you can expect to find your favourite label on our website. We also offer mayonnaises that have different textures and flavours like mayonnaise de Dijon, lite mayonnaise, and mayonnaise with reduced oil. What’s more, we offer delivery services to residential and business addresses to any point on the island, making all your grocery runs more convenient.

Tea Blenders - Amora Pantry Amora, Mayonnaise de Dijon, 235g
Tea Blenders Ltd Pantry Amora, Mayonnaise de Dijon, 470g
Tea Blenders Ltd Pantry Amora, Mayonnaise Fine Fouettee, 398g
Li Wan Po & Co Pantry Crosse & Blackwell, Salad Cream, 790g
Li Wan Po & Co Pantry Crosse & Blackwell, Tangy Mayonnaise, 250g

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