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Spray on a bit of men’s perfumery and smell great the entire day. There’s nothing like wearing your favourite scent before going work or on a special date as it helps give you the confidence to be your best. At TheShop.Mu, we carry many different men’s perfumes and colognes that not only matches your personality, but also the mood you want to project during a certain event. Browse through our collection of men’s perfumery today and choose bottles that fit your attitude.

As Mauritius’ leading online grocery supermarket, TheShop.Mu is dedicated to giving our consumers a convenient way to do their shopping. Whether it’s a complete grocery run or a quick stop to purchase your favourite men’s perfumery, we’ll make sure that your online shopping experience will be quick and easy. If you’re looking for the perfect men’s cologne or perfume to suit an occasion, for example, simply check out our men’s perfumery page and make a selection. We feature a variety of scents, each made from a trusted brand, so you can rest assured that the item you’re purchasing meets the highest quality standards. What’s more, we’ll be more than happy to deliver your orders for you, so you can sit back, relax, and do your errands from the comforts of your home.

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