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When you need to a spicy tang to complement your sandwich, salad dressing, or marinade, nothing beats adding a few dabs of mustard into your meal. Mustard is typically seen and used as a condiment, but for many home and professional cooks, this food item enriches the flavours and adds more colour to certain dishes like creole shrimp vindaye. Mustard is made from seeds of a mustard plant, so it contains a good amount of calcium, vitamins C and K, and fibre. As a result, incorporating mustard in a recipe will not only make it taste scrumptious but make it more nutritious as well.

If your home, restaurant, or hotel kitchen is in need of mustard, check out TheShop.Mu today and pick up a couple of bottles of your favourite yellow condiment. Our online store features different kinds of mustards, from your smooth spicy dijon to your thick whole-grain varieties. We also have mustards that incorporate other ingredients, like honey, for that added sweetness. Plus, we deliver to residential and business properties on the island, so you won’t be a hassled to head down to the supermarket and spend hours finishing your grocery shopping.

Scott & CO - Ducros Pantry Ducros, Hot Dijon Mustard, 210g
Scott & CO - Ducros Pantry Ducros, Whole Grain Mustard 210g

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