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There are a lot of ingredients that are staples in many Mauritian foods, and oil and vinegar are included in that category. It’s nearly impossible to fry fish and chicken without oil, and you can’t make achard or vindaye without good quality vinegar. As such, you can always find a bottle or two of oil and vinegar in Mauritian kitchens. And when the house or restaurant runs out, you can expect people to head down to the nearest supermarket and resupply their stock of vinegar and oil. Unfortunately, many Mauritians don’t have the time to go the store and purchase oil or vinegar. This is where TheShop.Mu comes in.

If you can’t fit grocery shopping into your tight schedule, then visit TheShop.Mu today. We provide busy Mauritians a fast and convenient way to order groceries, as well as deliver their purchases right to their doorstep. Our online store also features high-quality products, so you can definitely find oils and kinds of vinegar that suit your taste. We also boast a wide range of options, which include soya cooking oil, balsamique vinegar, virgin olive oil, and vegan soy sauces. Plus, we cater to residential and businesses addresses, so we have what you need whether you’re a budding home cook or a professional chef.

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