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Cooking certain sauces, curries, and cutlets is made simpler when you have frozen meats at the ready. Items like frozen minced mutton or beef are easier to work with since they’re conveniently packaged and are properly weighed. What’s more, they have a long shelf, so you can keep them in your freezer until you’re ready to add them into the recipe. As such, it’s a good idea to stock up on frozen meats often, especially when you regularly use them in your weekly meals.

When the time to resupply comes, you can order your favourite frozen meats at TheShop.Mu. As the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, we provide our consumers with the highest quality food items and carry products made by trusted brands. We also offer a variety of frozen meat options, so you can definitely find the ingredients you need to complete your recipe. What’s more, our customer base ranges to the humble home cook to restaurant professionals, and offer delivery services to residential and businesses addresses on the island. With TheShop.Mu’s help, you can rest assured that you can complete your grocery runs with ease and on time.

Delapeyre LTD Frozen Delapeyre, Frozen Creole smoked sausage 230-260 g
Delapeyre LTD Frozen Delapeyre, Frozen Mauritian Sausage, 250-300g
Ibl Ltd Frozen Dewfresh, Beef Mince, 450g
Brandactiv - Dewfresh Frozen Dewfresh, Buffalo Minced Meat, 300g
Panagora - Mr Meat Frozen Mr Meat, Buffalo Mince, 300g
Panagora - Mr Meat Frozen Mr Meat, Mutton Mince, 400g

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