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Thanks to our European heritage, jams, marmalades, and nut butters are popular staples in every Mauritian home. Paired with some toast or crackers, these sweet spreads make for quick and easy snacks. They’re also the perfect way to add some zest to any breakfast or dessert.

That said, we’re all very picky about our favourite spreads. So when we take time off our busy schedules to shop at a regular supermarket, it can be a problem when the spreads we want aren’t in stock. 

Rather than settling for second-best, why not try a better way of shopping for your kitchen essentials? has all that you need for spreads, jams, honey, and other spreadable goods and preserves.

Creating an account and shopping on couldn’t be easier. With a few clicks, your spreads will be ready for next-day delivery straight to your home.

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