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As the leading Online Grocery Supermarket in Mauritius, we guarantee that all of our pet products are of high quality and sourced from reputable manufacturers. We also assure you that all our pet food are kept in storage to retain their freshness. This is all to make sure that you can safely feed your pets delicious bowls of their favourite flavours without any worry. Order online now through!

Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Crab, 15gx4
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Seafood, 7kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Sterile, 7kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna , 3kgs
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna, 1.2kg
Sik Yuen Pets Me-O, Tuna, 7kgs

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