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A simple but effective way to preserve your garments’ durability and colour is to use powder detergent and softeners. These laundry products are specifically made to thoroughly clean your clothes, so you can keep your clothes looking fresh and clean without damaging the fabric. Of course, since you do your laundry on a regular basis, you’ll likely run out of powder detergent and softeners often. Make sure to stock up on these laundry essentials with the help of TheShop.Mu.

We know that not everyone has the time or energy to make a quick run to the nearest grocery store and pick up their supply of powder detergent and softeners. That’s why TheShop.Mu is designed to help our customers complete their grocery shopping in minutes. When you’re looking to restock your powder detergent and softeners, simply search our website and purchase a product that fits your preferences. We feature many different types of laundry essentials, including laundry bar soaps, detergents, fabric powders, and handwashing powder. Once you’ve made your purchase, TheShop.Mu will be more than happy to deliver them right at your doorstep. Our delivery service reaches residential and business addresses across Mauritius.

Freelance Distributors - Ariel Household Supplies Ariel, Hand Washing Powder, 4kg
Cernol Marketing - Cernol Household Supplies Cernol, Spark Washing Powder, 1kg
Cernol Marketing - Cernol Household Supplies Cernol, Spark Washing Powder, 2kg
Cernol Marketing - Cernol Household Supplies Cernol, Spark Washing Powder, 3kg
FSB - Evershines Household Supplies Evershines, Evermatic Laundry Detergent 1Kg
FSB - Evershines Household Supplies Evershines, Savon Lessive Parfum Citron 1Kg
PNL - Persil Household Supplies Persil, Fibre Intelligent Detergent Powder, 3kg
Grays Household Supplies Vanish Power O2 Oxy Powder Sachet, 650g
Grays Household Supplies Vanish, Power O2 Oxy Powder, 1Kg
Grays Beauty & Personnal Care Vanish, Whites Powder Sachet, 520g
Grays Household Supplies Vanish, Whites Powder, 400g

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