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Mauritian lifestyles have become ever more hectic and busy in the past few generations. A growing number of people either no longer have the time to cook or can’t find the time to learn how. 

Thankfully, has an excellent selection of prepared meals that can be delivered straight to your home. Choose between beef, chicken, fish, and veggie-based meals that are ready to heat up on your oven or microwave.

We also have a selection of frozen meat and veggie products that are excellent for a quick no-fuss breakfast. We also offer nuggets, burgers, and other delicious yet convenient food items that require minimal cooking skills to prepare.

We understand that it’s not a pleasant experience to go to a supermarket only to find out they’ve run out of your favourites. That’s why we created is Mauritius’s premier online supermarket. We offer the widest online selection of frozen and ready-to-eat meals in Mauritius, as well as curated selections of beverages, culinary aids, and other kitchen essentials. Start your account today.

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