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Having a nice cold can or bottle of regular beer is a great way to beat the heat. Whenever you take a sip, you’ll instantly feel refreshed and cool, as well as receive a nice buzz that’ll help relax your body. Aside from keeping you cool, cracking open a couple of beers during a party or special occasion can also lighten the mood of the event. What’s more, beer is the go-to beverage for social drinking activities, so there’s nothing like sharing a round of your favourite alcoholic beverage with friends and having a good time. Need to stock up on beer? Then check out the offerings at TheShop.Mu today.

Whether you’re looking for beer to help cap off the night or to serve to guests during a social event, you won’t have any problems finding the right alcoholic beverage at TheShop.Mu. As Mauritius’ leading online grocery supermarket, we carry a variety of regular beers to satisfy the palate of every beer enthusiast or sommelier. We sell our beers by the can, bottle, or in packs, so you can savour the flavours of your favourite beer brand for the night or all weekend long. TheShop.Mu will also be more than happy to deliver your orders for you, so you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the legwork.

Chemtech - Bitburger Beverages Bitburger, Premium Pils 4.8%, 0.5L
Chemtech - Jever Beverages Jever, Pilsener Beer, 330ml, Pack of 6
Chemtech Ltd Acoholic & Alcohol Free Beverages Kostritzer, Schwarzbier Black Lager 5 L
Chemtech Beverages Schöfferhofer, Wheat Beer, 330ml, Pack of 6
Chemtech Beverages Dab, Dark German Beer Can, 500ml
Chemtech - Kostritzer Beverages Kostritzer, Schwarzbier Black Lager Can 500ml Save 41%
Chemtech Ltd Acoholic & Alcohol Free Beverages Kostritzer, Schwarzbier Bottles, Pk of 6 x 330ml

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