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Rice is a staple in many Mauritian households. Some people even have rice at every meal! With its wholesome goodness, versatility, and satisfying mouthfeel, rice is the perfect blank canvas with which to highlight the flavours of most Asian, African, and Western dishes popular in Mauritius.

A lot of us are very picky about the kind of rice we buy, however. Those concerned with their health or are required to go on a special diet will need red rice, brown rice or other low GI grains. Unfortunately, these types of rice are not readily available in most supermarkets. Even supermarkets that stock these types will sometimes be in short supply.

Good thing you no longer have to take time off your day to have the rice you want. TheShop.mu offers a wide selection of different types of rice, perfect for different types of side dishes, main dishes, and more. There’s no need to rely on unsatisfying substitutes — TheShop.mu has the rice you crave. Start an account today and have your rice and other kitchen essentials delivered straight to your home or office.

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