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Salt and pepper are cornerstone ingredients in all kinds of cuisines. Though many recipes only require you to use them in pinches or dashes, it’s enough to bring out the flavours of various meats and vegetables. Without these essential seasonings, your favourite Mauritian fares may taste like there’s something missing or bland. As such, it’s good to always stock up your pantry with enough salt and pepper to ensure that your daily meals taste amazing until the last spoonful.

If the kitchen in your home, restaurant, or hotel is running low on salt and pepper, visit TheShop.Mu’s online store today. We provide our consumers with a fast and convenient way to do their groceries, as well as offer a variety of food items that enhance and completes your Mauritian meals. When it comes to salt and pepper, our inventory features your regular black peppers and table salts, as well as special varieties like white pepper, lemon pepper seasoning, sea salt, and Himalayan pink salt. What’s more, we serve a wide range of consumers, from the average home cook to restaurant professionals, and offer delivery services to any point on the island.

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