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Give your meal more flavour by incorporating a sauce to the dish. Sauces made from tomatoes, ground sesame seeds, and curry powders give certain foods texture and a depth of flavour that complement the other ingredients in the recipe. Condiments like ketchup and mustard, on the other hand, introduce new notes to the taste buds, further enhancing the overall flavour profile of the dish. It’s possible to make these sauces from scratch, but that job is time-consuming and taxing. As such, it’ll be more convenient if you purchase sauces at TheShop.Mu. As the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, we keep our sauce inventory stocked with popular items such as arrabbiata sauces and kinds of ketchup, as well as special items like wasabi sauce.

Find the perfect sauce to complete your dish at TheShop.Mu. Our online store features a variety of sauces and condiments from thick sun-dried pestos to bright yellow mustards. We also offer delivery services to every type of consumer, whether you’re a home cook or a manager of a hotel. Additionally, all of our products are made by trusted brands, giving you peace of mind as you add them to your dish.

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