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You do your best to keep your outfit spotless. When your garments look and smell clean, not only will you look put together, but you’re also preserving the durability and appearance of your clothes. Needless to say, there are times when you accidentally spill something, creating hard-to-remove stains on your shirt. If you can’t put the stained garment in the wash, your next alternative is to use a stain remover. With this product, you can quickly get rid of liquid and food stains from your clothes—even on the go. If you need a stain remover, visit TheShop.Mu and grab yourself a bottle that works best with your garments.

TheShop.Mu is your leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius. We carry all kinds of cleaning products, including your handy stain removers. The stain removers in our online store come in many different types of containers. We have stain removers that come in spray bottles, powder sachets, and roll-ons. We even have items that are made to target specific stains like sauces and fats, as well as pens and inks. What’s more, TheShop.Mu will gladly deliver your groceries right at your doorstep. With our help, you can rest assured that completing your grocery runs will be a quick and easy experience.











Chemtech Ltd Stain Removers Dr Beckmann, Brosse Detachante Tapis & Moquette, 6
Chemtech Household Supplies Dr Beckmann, Detachant Avant Lavage Spray, 500ml
Dr Beckmann, Grass & Cosmetics Stain Remover, 5cl
Dr Beckmann, Stain Remover, Roll-On, 75ml
Dr Beckmann, Stain remover, Sauces & Fats, 50ml
Earth Choice, Pre-Wash Stain Remover, 400ml
Grays Household Supplies Vanish Power O2 Oxy Powder Sachet, 650g
Grays Inc. Ltd Stain Removers Vanish, Liquid Stain Remover, 500ml
Grays Inc. Ltd LiquidDetergent&Softeners Vanish, Liquid Whites, 500ml
Grays Inc. Ltd Stain Removers Vanish, Oxi Power Powder, 500g
Grays Inc. Ltd Stain Removers Vanish, Power O2 Oxy Powder, 1Kg
Grays Inc. Ltd Stain Removers Vanish, Super Bar, 75g
Grays Inc. Ltd Stain Removers Vanish, Whites Powder, 400g

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