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When organizing your documents, test papers, or other paper items, having staplers and perforators nearby comes in handy. These types of equipment are designed to help you combine pieces of paper, so you can store them more neatly in your file cabinet. Staplers and perforators, however, aren’t indestructible and will break due to several reasons like misuse, overuse, and worn components. As such, if the staplers and perforators in your office or home need to be switched out, you can buy suitable and high-quality replacements at TheShop.Mu.

The Shop.Mu is your leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius. Here, we offer customers a quick and easy way to shop for your office essentials. We carry an assortment of products to help you file your important paper documents, including high-quality staplers and perforators, as well as staples and stapler removers. These items are made by trusted manufacturers, so you can rest assured that they won’t be a hassle to work with while you’re organizing your things. TheShop.Mu will also be more than happy to deliver your items for you. Our customer base ranges from individuals to large corporations, so we deliver to residential and business addresses anywhere in Mauritius.

Hobby World - Deli Stationery Deli, Staple Remover, blue
Hobby World - Deli Stationery Deli, Staples 10, Pack of 1000
Del Office - Foska Stationery Foska, 26/6 Staples, Pack of 1000
Hobby World - Maped Stationery Maped, 2-Hole Punch, 20-25 sheets
Hobby World - Maped Stationery Maped, Black Ergo Logic Stapler, (24/6 or 26/6)
Hobby World Stationery Maped, Staple Remover, red
Del Office Stationery Rexel, 26/6 Staples, Pack of 1000

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