Stationery Essentials

Oxford Eraser Small - shop_bungsy
Oxford Eraser Large - shop_bungsy
Metal Sharpener - shop_bungsy
Rs 8.70 MUR

Metal Sharpener

Deli, Push Pins, Mixed Colours
Silver Paper Clips, 28mm, 100 pieces
Deli, Binder Clip, 19mm, 4 pieces
Deli, Binder Clip, 32mm, 4 pieces
Staples no.10 - shop_bungsy
Rs 5.70 MUR

Staples no.10

Classmate, Ruler, 30 cm scale
Eguerre Geo Technic 46/26cm - shop_bungsy
 - 1
Stamp pad ink blue - shop_bungsy
Stamp Pad Blue - shop_bungsy
Rs 195.00 MUR

Stamp Pad Blue

Bostik Glue Clear All Purpose Adhesive 25ml
Fevicol All Purpose 60ml - shop_bungsy
Fevicol SH 125g - shop_bungsy
Rs 22.00 MUR

Fevicol SH 125g

Oxford Scissors - shop_bungsy
Rs 40.00 MUR

Oxford Scissors

Packing Scissors, 16cm, black
Cutter 18mm - shop_bungsy
Utility Knife, 16cm, yellow, Jianzhong
Utility Knife, 16cm, orange, Jianzhong
Utility Knife, 16cm, green, Jianzhong
Staples, Deli, 24/6, 1000pcs
Tier Document Tray x 3 - shop_bungsy
Round Pen Stand Black - shop_bungsy
 - 1
Square Pen Stand Black - shop_bungsy
BIC Kids, Aquacouleur Wallet 12
Bic Tipp - Ex Shake & Squeeze (8ml)
Paper Clips, Mix Colours, 28mm
Bic Tipp - Ex Shake & Squeeze (8ml) pack of 10
Bic Tipp - Ex Rapid (20ml)
Bic Tipp - Ex Micro Tape Twist
BIC Kids Turn and Colour 12
BIC Kids Visa Felt Pens 18
BIC Kids Visa Felt Pens 12
BIC Kids Plastidecor Triangle 12
Bic Bright Colors Highlighter
Bic Bright Colors Highlighter Green
Bic Bright Colors Highlighter Pink
BIC White Glue 118ml