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When dealing with leftover meals, it’s best to place the food in a container so they don’t go to waste. However, you need to choose the correct storage solutions item to ensure that the space in your fridge or pantry is maximised. A lot of people would opt for a resealable plastic container, but the size or shape may not fit a refrigerator that’s almost full. As such, alternatives like aluminium foil, saran wrap, and resalable bags are the better choice. If your home or food business in Mauritius needs to stock up on storage solutions, visit TheShop.Mu today.

With the help of TheShop.Mu, you won’t have any difficulty shopping for storage solutions products. Our online supermarket provides our users with a convenient way to complete grocery shopping all in one site. If you need to purchase more cling wrap, aluminium foil, or resealable bags for your home or restaurant, simply search through our website and add to cart. Additionally, TheShop.Mu will be more than happy to deliver your orders. Our delivery service caters to residential and business addresses across Mauritius.

Fsb Marketing Ltd Home & Garden Alfapac, Multi-Purpose Cling Film, 25m
LIM How Brothers - Bacafoil Home & Garden Bacofoil, Zipper Bags, 200m x 150mm, 15 pcs
LIM How Brothers - Bacafoil Home & Garden Bacofoil, Zipper Bags, 270m x 240mm, 12 pcs

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