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When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking a bite of Mauritus’ favourite sweets and pastries. Neopolitaines, macatia coco, and puit d'amour are delectable delights that aren’t only reserved for dessert, but also make excellent snacks between the hours of a busy day. Of course, these treats can’t be prepared without their fundamental components. As such, if your recipe calls for high-quality sugar and baking needs, TheShop.Mu is a name you can rely on.

As the leading online grocery supermarket in Mauritius, we at TheShop.Mu offers great choices in the sugar and baking category. Here, you can find all kinds of ingredients to complete and help make your dish taste divine, from our self-raising flour to our coffee crystal sugar. We also provide ready-to-make cakes, cookies, and biscuit mixes if you want to take it easy during the weekends. Whether you’re learning how to bake at home or a professional running a busy bakery, TheShop.Mu has everything you need to complete Mauritius’ famous sweets and pastries. We offer a wide variety of sugar and baking ingredients, and each one is manufactured from a brand you can trust. What’s more, we’ll be more than happy to deliver your purchase right to your doorstep, giving you more time to think about what you’ll bake next.

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