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Cooking with fresh vegetables is a great way to add nutrients to any meal. However, caring for produce until the time to use them can be quite challenging. If you’re busy throughout the entire week, it’s possible that you’ve forgotten the veggies you’ve bought. And failing to use them before they spoil is a huge waste. As such, swapping to tinned vegetables is a good option. Not only do canned vegetables last longer, but they’re also filled with nutrients and flavour since they’re infused in their own juices. They’re also conveniently packed, which means they occupy less space and allow you to easily stack them in your pantry. Plus, you can find a variety of tinned vegetables at TheShop.Mu, so you can complete your favourite Mauritian eats or create an original dish of your own.

Shop at TheShop.Mu today and grab yourself several tinned vegetables to complete your monthly meals. Our online grocery store offers many different kinds of canned produce from delicious coeurs de palmiers to sweet cream corns. We also offer delivery services to homes and business addresses to any point on the island. With us handling the delivery, you can rest assured that the cans will arrive at your doorstep intact.

Tea Blenders - D'aucy Pantry D'aucy, Corn, 300g
Panagora - Regal Pantry Regal, Dholl  425g

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