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Toilet paper isn’t only used to clean up after yourself after you’re done using the bathroom. This absorbent, sanitary paper can also be used to clean up spills, wipe your face, and protect your hands when picking up filth. Since toilet paper is a versatile cleaning and wiping aid, you run out of it very easily. As such, you need to replenish your toilet paper supply regularly. When that time comes, visit TheShop.Mu and pick up your favourite toilet paper roll brands.

With the help of TheShop.Mu, you can shop for your groceries in the comfort of your home. Our online store makes it possible for our customers to purchase their household essentials with just a few simple clicks. We feature an array of goods and products, including toilet paper and other wiping aids. We sell toilet paper of varying thickness, as well as those that come in packs of 2s, 6s, 12s, and 24s. TheShop.Mu will also gladly deliver your orders for you, so you can sit back and relax while you wait. We deliver to residential and business addresses in Mauritius.

Silk-Road Eagle China- Africa ( Mauritius) Co.LTd Tissues BamBoo King, Toilet Tissue, Pack of 6
Deramann Household Supplies Carlton, Toilet Paper x 6
Deramann Household Supplies Kleenex, Compact Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls
Deramann Household Supplies Kleenex, Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, 12 Rolls
Deramann Household Supplies Kleenex, Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, 6 Rolls
Deramann Household Supplies Kleenex, Toilet Paper, 24 Rolls
Deramann Household Supplies Kleenex, Toilet Paper, 4 Ply, 6 Rolls
Yiptong & Sons - Premier Household Supplies Premier, Compact Toilet Paper x 6
Yiptong & Sons Household Supplies Premier, Toilet Paper 2 Ply x 10
Andre Enterprise Household Supplies Smooth, Doudou Toilet Paper x6
Andre Enterprise Household Supplies Sofpak, Green Toilet Paper x6 Rolls
Yiptong & Sons - Sunflowers Household Supplies Sunflowers, Toilet Paper x 6 Rolls

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