Electric Cord with Metal Reel, 25m, red
Makute, Electric Drill, model ED001
Makute, Electric Drill, model ED003
Makute, Electric Hammer Drill, model HD001
Makute, Impact Drill, model ID003
Makute, Electric Grinder, model AG002
Makute, Electric Jig Saw, model JS011
Bow Saw, 50cm blades, green/yellow
Hacksaw, 30cm blades, red (+2 extra blades!)
Sickle with 2.5mm Claws, steel
Steel Axe with Wood Handle, 40cm
Machete, wood handle, 18", Spear & Jackson
Steel Knife, wood handle, 25cm x 8cm
Steel Knife, metal handle, 25cm x 8cm
Steel Knife, plastic handle, 25cm x 6cm
Cutter 18mm - shop_bungsy
Utility Knife, 16cm, yellow, Jianzhong
Utility Knife, 16cm, orange, Jianzhong
Utility Knife, 16cm, green, Jianzhong
Hand pruner, HY brand, length 20cm
Pruning Shears, 38cm, red
Pruning Shears, expandable handles, 45-63cm, yellow
Claw hammer, 500g head, with fibreglass handle
Ball Pean Hammer with Wood Handle
Stone Hammer with Wood Handle
Wynn's, Rubber Mallet with Wood Handle, 300g
Wynn's, Rubber Mallet with Wood Handle, 500g
Steel Crowbar with Claw, 60cm, black
Long Nose European Style Pliers, 150mm, Wynn's
Flat Nose Pliers, 150mm, Wynn's
Diagonal Pliers, 150mm, Wynn's
Tri-Color Combination Pliers, 175mm, Wynn's
European Style Combination Pliers, 200mm, Wynn's
Mini Adjustable Wrench, Wynn's
Adjustable Wrench, 8", Wynn's
Hex Key Set, 9 pieces, Wynn's
Mini Files Set, 6 pieces, Wynn's