Vegetarian Meals

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Brighten up your lunch or dinner by adding a vegetarian meal into your food. Being able to eat your vegetables on a regular basis gives you several health benefits as veggies are rich in nutrients like vitamins A, dietary fibre, and potassium. Using veggie meals instead of whole vegetables is also more convenient since they come pre-sliced. What’s more, vegetable meals aren’t only limited to mixed vegetables; you can find vegetable pies, vegetable spring rolls, and vegetarian sausages in many grocery stores.

When you need stock up on vegetarian meals, but don’t have the time to head down to the nearest supermarket, shop at TheShop.Mu today. As Mauritius’ leading online grocery supermarket, we’re dedicated to providing consumers with an easy and convenient way to complete their grocery shopping. We also carry a variety of vegetarian meals (e.g. oriental style vegetable stir fry, creole margherita pizza, and vegetable lasagne), and only sell products made from reliable brands. Additionally, we deliver to residential and business addresses across the island, so you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the legwork for you.

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