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Yogurt is a healthy way to make your weekly meals exciting. When you want to pair your sliced fruit snacks with something creamy, for example, just grab some yogurt to instantly elevate your meal. Yogurt also adds a nice richness to dishes like curry and makes them taste better. Plus, yogurt is chock full of nutrients such as calcium, B vitamins, and other nutrients that are good for your body. If you need to stock up on your favourite yogurt flavours and brands, visit TheShop.Mu and add them to your virtual cart.

TheShop.Mu is your reliable online supermarket in Mauritius. We provide our customers a convenient way to shop for their groceries, as well as offer a wide variety of food products to meet everyone’s daily dietary needs. The yogurts in our yogurt section come in many different flavours. Some popular items include plain, vanilla, and sugar free. All of our yogurts are also made by trusted food brands, so you know that what you’re purchasing is a safe, healthy, high-quality product. TheShop.Mu will also be more than happy to deliver your orders wherever you are in Mauritius. Whether you’re located in a residential or business address, we’ll make sure you get your purchase on time.

Tea Blenders Ltd Yogurt Elle & Vire, Lacte 0% Fraise, 125g
Tea Blenders Ltd Yogurt Elle & Vire, Lacte 0% Pomme Vert, 125g
Tea Blenders Ltd Fresh Products Elle & Vire, Mon Grec Miel, 125g
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Fresh Products Yoplait, Nature Sucre, 125g x 4
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Fresh Products Yoplait, Safari Vanilla & Poire Yogurt, 125g x 4

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